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About Us

Reading about the tharavad is’ knowledge’, but living in it pleasure’

This ‘tharavad’ was built nearly 300 years ago by Thachil Mathoo Tharakan, (1741-1814), who was the Commerce Minister to Maharaja Balarama Varma of Travancore. The house originally built in Alleppey was later dismantled and the main portion of it was moved and reconstructed in Ezhupunna.

The ‘tharavads’ of Kerala are no ordinary wooden mansions as besides the architectural splendor, they have a deep social significance and are a symbol of the family’s status in the society and a stronghold of their wealth.

The tharavad gives the ‘House name’ to a family and the Tharakan brothers – John, George, Thomas and Hormis of the Tharakans Homestay are proud owners of their illustrious heritage and are determined to see it standing tall in the next millennium. We Tharakans invite you to share our home and enjoy a passionate Holiday.

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